James Stackhouse

Designer / Melbourne / Currently making a better website…

Selected work:



Brand development + product design

I spent a year as a designer at Macropod. When I joined we were known as Bugherd, as was our popular bug-reporting product. We were working to add a suite of designer/developer focussed productivity products to our lineup, so it made sense to develop a new name for them to sit under. I developed the new Macropod identity and implemented it across channels.

I also worked intensively on Stack, a kanban-style project management product with integrations that would appeal to developers.

Note: Macropod has closed down Stack and rolled some of its features into Bugherd. The Macropod identity has been updated since, and is now featuring some really great illustration!

  • Year: 2014-2015
  • My Role: Product design. Identity design.
BBC Academy

BBC Academy

Responsive website

The Academy website was one of the BBC’s first fully responsive releases. The project was commissioned to bring the Colleges of Journalism, Technology, and Production together into one site.

The project came with many challenges for our small team. The sheer volume of content, breadth of subject matter, variety of content types, and supported languages made for some good honest hard work. The result of which was a decent website, that has stood up well a few years on.

  • Year: 2013
  • Agency: Picture-ltd
  • My Role: Process & design lead. Front-end.
  • Cheers to: Luke Jermy for all the hard work in UX

BBC Global Experience Language

Design guidelines website

I worked on the front-end for the two most recent generations of BBC's GEL (Global Experience Language) guidelines.

Later, I provided consultation and attended BBC workshops on the future of the GEL project, covering issues of information architecture, content strategy, and responsive design.

  • Year: 2012-2013
  • Agency: Picture-ltd
  • My Role: Front-end. Consultation.
Fahan School

Fahan School

Responsive redesign

Way back in 2010, my good friend Adam Hill and I were asked to give the Fahan School's website a refresh. This year we've been working on a new responsive version.
Australian War Memorial London

Australian War Memorial London

Website and information kiosk

This is an old project, but still one of my favourites from the good ol' days of Flash.

The project was designed to interpret the physical War Memorial: a granite wall engraved with every town and city from where Australian servicemen came. The depth of the engraving varied over the wall so when standing back a distance, the names of major battles were visible.

I designed an interactive 3d globe marked with the locations of these battles. Selecting the locations on either the map or a schematic of the wall would zoom to a more detailed map displaying images, video and stories from the battles.

Users were also able to search for the location of towns on the physical wall.

  • Year: 2009-2010
  • Agency: Jaffa
  • My Role: Conceptualisation. Art direction. UI/UX design. AS3 & Papervsion 3d coding.

Of note:

  • 2015 7eleven

    7eleven Mangagement tool prototypes

    Design and development of prototypes for internal management tools.

  • 2013 BBC Knowledge & Learnng

    iWonder prototypes

    Development of prototypes that eventually became the BBC's iWonder platform.

  • 2013 BBC News

    Responsive prototypes

    Developed responsive prototypes exploring issues around navigation, settings for localised news, and langauge switching.

  • 2012 BBC UX & Design

    Global navigation prototypes

    Developed prototypes exploring extended navigation and personalisation across all of the BBC's propterties, including interactive TV.

  • 2012 BBC Radio & British Library

    The listening project

    Design and front-end for archive of lovely conversations of everyday British people.

    View project
  • 2012 BBC & British Museum

    Shakespear's restless world website

    Design and front-end of site exploring the world of Shakespear through objects from the British Museum.

    View project
  • 2011-2012 Google

    Android & Chromebook brand guidelines

    Produced brand guideline resources for Google partners.

  • 2011-2012 BBC Music

    Major music festival websites

    Modular design system and front-end for major music festivals in the UK including Glastonbury, and Reading and Leeds.